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A mobile or fixed smartlocker infrastructure to monitor and improve delivery or supply issues at indoor or outdoor sites. A functional tool for large and small business with state-of-the-art software that reinforces existent brick and mortar infrastructure and resolves logistic bottlenecks at your client’s important business locations.

 The mobile locker API locker system is a strong & high quality piece thanks to Mobile Locker’s rigid hardware demands.

It is an unmanned, automated supply or service station with 24/7 access to it. Our system results in a cost down, increase in efficiency and increase in service for your client or partner.

You can connect your own software and create your own platform or use the software of Mobile Locker in order to service your clients.


There are numerous applications, e.g. parcel delivery integration, First and last mile solutions, C2C or consumer to consumer applications (sharing economy initiatives), exchange of items, trade or swap of goods, exchange of damaged and new goods, a sample station, marketing tool, storage of mission critical hardware, storage of hi-demand goods and many more applications.

This can be under the brand of Mobile Locker or white label as a partner. We can provide you the necessary api’s and you can develop your ownplatform on top for your use case. Our API’s can also easily be adapted according to your needs.

It can be more than a function it can also fit into a larger concept such as CO2 reduction of supplier fleet or switch to 24/7 business model.


All our lockers are made out of galvanized steel or RVS 314 which makes these ideal for outdoor and for indoor. They are 100% hooligan proof and can be adapted ready for food delivery, medicines or other high profile goods. The doors are between 1,5 and 2mm of steel thickness. The hardware is already used by more than a million users in 10 countries in difficult outdoor situations

The state of the art software is easy to adapt, scalable and easy to integrate. There is an OS on the unit and an online cloud platform, both can be connected with our standard REST 2.0 api. Mobile Locker can also offer onsite unattended payment terminals in 120 countries, a unique voucher system and an online reservation system.


The open API software system enables integrations to all companies. Multi-user & single user applications.

The customer orders online and selects the desired location. By arrival, the customer can pick up his order by getting a notification from the app.

Other functions:

  • Track & trace integration
  • Open communication and easy accessibility
  • Independent & neutral locker platform
  • Open availability of capacity in lockers and connected Urban Kiosks
  • Sensor integration (e.g. temperature, humidity..)
  • First and Last mile solutions
  • Unattended or online payment solutions available

The Mobile Locker Solution


The smart API lockers create an interesting solution for many common problems which will create potential and increase the revenue of the occupied space.

  • A mobile or fixed configuration
  • Indoor or all weather outdoor
  • Mobile Locker or White Label
  • Can be a multi carrier, multi revenue solution
  • Communication through online cloud platform
  • Track & trace
  • Open data



  • User friendly electronic and fully automated lockers
  • High-end steel materials, hooligan proof
  • Customization of the hardware is possible
  • Different payment options in 120 countries
  • Online monitoring system and online payment system
  • Platform-based accessibility with connected locker units
  • Open API-system
  • Mobile is placed and operational in 15 minutes

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