Mobile Locker has created multiple charging solutions 


  • Smart charging lockers for lithium batteries (e.g. E-bike, E-scooter) with fire extenguishing system
  • Smart kiosks (Mobile charger) with smart power banks
  • Smart powerbanks (with anti theft intelligence)
  • Electronic lockers with charging capacity for all kinds of devices in and outdoor




Smart charging lockers for lithium batteries

Mobile Locker has developed a unique, certified and safe system for the charging of Litihum batteries. Especially for the market segment of E-bikes, E-scooters and E-steps but not limited to that.

The smart lockers are equipped with a patended fire retardant system that autoamtically sends a signal to the nearest firefighter department.

In the last few years there has been a steep rise in the adoption of e-bikes, E-mountainbikes, E-steps and so on. Not only for smart city mobility usage but also at home use, commuter usage and leisure. This is a good evolution for the environment but it has inherent risks for the user and for on site security management of for example large companies and factories.

Because of shock, or wrong usage of charging equipment Lithium batteries can become unstable and ignite. If this happens the consequences can be catastrophic for your company or residential location.

Mobile Locker offers an early warning, safe storage charging solution tokeep your users happy and charged and your locations risks minimized


Mobile - Charger

Your best friend when your mobile runs out.

Nothing is more annoying than an almost empty mobile. Especially if you can’t charge it anywhere. Fortunately, there is a Mobile -charger: the safe and user-friendly charging station for mobile phones.

A Mobile – Charger in your company is the ideal solution for your guests and a great source of income for you!

There are plenty of advantages:

  1. Extra service for your guests
    While your guests are staying with you, their phone will be safely
    charged in the unit.
  2. Super simple operation through touchscreen (with advertising possibilities)
  3. The Mobile Charger earns you moneyWe offer a unique revenue model, based on the “shared revenue” principle. Part of the turnover is withheld as a user fee, for the rest you share 50%!
    Research * showed that guests who charge their phones stay an average of 42 minutes longer.
  4. Additional visitors
    With a Mobile – Charger you attract more visitors. People with an almost empty phone will come to you faster to charge their mobile and, for example, to eat or drink something!


Example of E-step catching fire at home


Example of E-bike shop catching fire in Holland


Smart kiosk

Our Mobile charger kiosks offer our clients the possibility to always stay connected. Users will always have their devices powered and ready to use, so they have access to all their tools 24/7. Whether it is a smartphone or an industrial application

Public place use case (e.g. airport): An independent system of kiosks that offers a charger for every format by paying a small deposit to stay powered & online through the whole journey. Deposit at destination with or without fully automated warranty system. Ideal for unique funtional advertising solutions that keeps the advertisement top of mind for a longer period.


Tabletop small powerbank charger

Our small model: the tabletop charger kiosks; offers your clients the possibility to always stay charged & connected. Users will always have their devices powered and ready to use, so they have access to all their (online) tools 24/7. Whether it is a smartphone or an industrial application.

It is a small docking station ideal for hotels, restaurants, police stations, industrial hubs and so on. The docking station can be equipped with a contactless and EMV pin ready payment solution and/or an online payment solution such as stripe or other.

Smart powerbank

The battery includes an integrated Iphone cable, Micro- USB cable and USB C cable. It has LED Level indicator and is pre-charged. After usage, the battery can be returned to any location into one of the smart kiosks or tabletop models. The smart powerbank has an anti theft intelligence inside: when docked into one of the docking solutions it will be deactivated and rendered useless if it use used or taken without authorisation.

An example of a rental scenario

The customer rents a charger at one of the available kiosks. He chooses his payment method and pays his rental fee + deposit. By now, the customer is free to use the charger for a certain period (e.g. 24hrs).

After the period of use, the user brings back the charger and the USB cable to one of the available kiosks, this might be another kiosk as the original kiosk. After handing in, the customer gets his deposit back, or extra rental time is deducted from the deposit. If the user keeps the rented charger the deposit will be credited. 

Charging Lockers

Mobile Locker has multiple smart locker charging solutions. They can be used as a standalone locker kiosk in or outdoor or together with a rental or user kiosk. It can be used in a high traffic location, or in an office environment.

All lockers are made of high grade steel or stainless steel solutions. this to ensure high quality, long endurance (+20 years) and high hygienic standards

Few options:

  • Outdoor charging lockers
  • Indoor charging lockers
  • Pincode based charging lockers
  • Smart lock charging solutions
  • 220v charging
  • 110v charging
  • With or without USB
  • Smart power sockets with intelligence and reporting

Smart charging solutions

  • Smart charging power banks



  • Automated power bank kiosk



  • Charging lockers