Click & Collect Lockers

Tap into the growing e-commerce market

Our state of the art click & collect lockers can be used to tap into the growing e-commerce market and keep your customers happy.

We offer fully automated lockers which are completely customisable to your wishes and needs. Improve customers satisfaction by providing service 24/7 and increase revenue by tapping into the booming e-commerce market.


  • Intelligent & Multi Purpose
  • 24/7 service
  • Easy to use
  • Provide safe and contactless transfer of goods
  • State of the art software
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Hooligan proof
  • Can be operated by smartphone
  • Completely customisable

Increase revenue

Using our click & collect lockers you can remove the need to use delivery drivers and cut down costs. The international Council of Shopping Centers found that 61% of shoppers who bought items online and picked them up at the store, made an additional purchase at the store itself.  Next to this you can also reap the benefits of impulse buys that online shoppers quite often make.

Improve customer satisfaction

Customers who use click and collect get to control when they want to pick up their delivery. They no longer have to consider or think about missing a delivery. Also, they’re not met with any added shipping costs. It’s much more convenient for them this way. Making use of online shopping, they can shop from anywhere & anytime. Be it the comfort of their own home or at the office when they have to put in some extra hours at work.

Conquer New Markets

By using click and collect lockers you can extend your store hours by providing after hours pick ups. Next to storing goods you sell at your own store you can also diversify your income stream and make your shop a parcel delivery drop off point. Doing so will also bring new people to your store who then could turn into new potential customers.

Why click & collect?

Convenience, experience and opportunity

In today’s omnichannel world where everyone is competing with large online shops, retailers are continuously looking for ways to boost their offerings, improve customer experience and remain relevant.
Click and collect is just one of the ways bricks and mortar retailers are trying to compete – by driving shoppers into stores. By offering consumers the convenience of picking up their purchase from a store rather than waiting in for a delivery, it saves them delivery charges at the same time.

Click and collect combines the convenience of internet shopping (easily finding what you want, comparing prices and adding it to a ‘basket’) with the in-store experience and ease of collection, all the while driving people into physical stores at the same time. And it’s on the rise, too. Figures released by GlobalData say that in the next four years, click and collect sales will account for almost 14% of total online spend.

With click and collect, retailers have the perfect way to differentiate themselves from the large online shops and deliver both convenience and experience. Place the order online, collect in-store quickly and easily, and receive personalised offers and promotions to make the experience that much better.

Click and collect is the perfect hybrid, merging the convenience of online and the experience of shopping in store. It works across retail sectors – grocery, fashion, hardware and even baked goods. While it’s a great idea for consumers, it’s even better for retailers who can use it as an opportunity to engage with customers in-store during collection. And it’s a major differentiator for traditional retailers in the battle against the almighty online shops.