Locker solutions

Cases during and after Covid-19 crisis

Mobile Locker produces smart electronic locker solutions for during and after the period of the Covid-19 crisis. This permits us to offer our customers our services in the most sheltered and solid manner: contacless transfer of goods, multichannel connections, plug and play installed.


Touchless delivery: Tesla case

Mobile Locker was contacted by Tesla to provide an urgent solution for contacless transfer. Because Tesla  like all other companies had to follow strickt government guidelines. In less then 48hrs Mobile Locker installed fully mobile autonametad lockers on 4 Tesla service centers. By placing these 4 units in Tesla’s service, Mobile Locker ensured that their daily activities could be continued. The unites are remoted controlled and if needed can be integrated in a larger service platform

Thanks to the contactless service of Mobile Locker, Tesla can serve their clients in the most safe way without any risks and keep generating revenue.

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Sharing economy

Mobile Locker has the ideal product for for sharing economy initiatives that tries to strengthen the urban fabric at the district level or other similar projects. By using open and flexible software, it allows grassroots to connect with an intelligent locker system. Mobile Locker opts for an open network with an open API ready to connect to all.

Mobile Locker offers units to connect customers with each other. By using our lockers, the seller and buyer don’t need to find a similar pick-up time. The seller drops the package in one of our lockers, pays a small compensation and the buyer can pick up his package whenever he wants by using the personal code the seller chose.

Or the whole C2C flow can be governed by a 3rd party platform that connects through an API with our lockers. This can be embedded in a larger service such as handsfree shopping or other. In the backend the 3rd party can choose to handle to transfer of property through a Mobile Locker BLockchain application that handles the smart contract behind the transfer.

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Lockers for infected material

  • Designed to use in interior as well as in outside conditions
  • Multi purpose
  • Can be used to store potentially infected waste material like masks, gloves, etc.
  • Can be used to store batteries or other

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Food delivery solutions

During this corona crisis it is very difficult to go to the store without worries and buy the ingredients you want.
By offering our food delivery lockers Mobile Locker makes sure that our customer has what he wants on his plate in the evening without any contact with others.

All the customer has to do is order what he wants to eat in the morning via the app and pick it up in the evening in the locker with a personalized code.

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Above all, keep it safe during this difficult period and save the weak by staying at home yourself. This is the only way we can make it a great summer together!