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Your best friend when your mobile runs out.

Nothing is more annoying than an almost empty mobile. Especially if you can’t charge it anywhere. Fortunately, there is a MOBILE-CHARGER: the safe and user-friendly charging station for mobile phones.

A MOBILE-CHARGER in your company is the ideal solution for your guests and a great source of income for you!

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    Transparent data so that you always have an overview the income .

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    Simply place and move the MOBILE-CHARGER units in the spaces available or needed at your business. The units can be wall or Truss mounted.

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    No extra construction required! MOBILE-CHARGER can be mounted on the wall with just 2 only screws. Plug and play system that needs only an electrical cable and an internet connection.

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    Let your visitor pay contactless with his/her bankcard using NFC technology. All types of NFC cards are accepted.

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    Autonomous & automated

    Our MOBILE-CHARGERS can be managed completely autonomous. In this way, the lockers can be used 24 hours a day without the need for personnel. Via the terminal at the locker unit, a visitor can easily rent and access his locker by himself.

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    Optimise the income of your business! There are various ways to generate an attractive business plan: cleverly deploying MOBILE-CHARGER in your business, placing advertising space or branding on MOBILE-CHARGER, increasing the occupancy rate of MOBILE-CHARGER by means of an autonomous system, etc. Take advantage of our experience to generate more revenue for your businessl!


An overview of the MOBILE-CHARGER and his specific benefits:

  • High quality materials

    • High quality hooligan proof steel lockers.
    • 3 strong cable’s integrated
      • Apple lightning
      • Mini-usb
      • USB-C
  • Integrated payment terminal

    • payment terminal for debit and credit cards, (NFC)
    • transparant online real-time reporting tool
  • Fully customizable

    • Multiple branding options
    • From full Wrap to a commercial on display
    • Free usage by customer cards


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