Batteries blamed for Portsmouth bin lorry fire

Another warning has been issued about putting batteries in your bin. A fire broke out in the back of a bin lorry in Portsmouth last week with the city council describing it is a ‘potentially very serious incident’.


Bosses say it could have put lives at risk and damaged a £200,000 bin lorry.

In a statement on its Facebook page, Portsmouth City Council said: ” One of our bin crews had to deal with a potentially very serious incident.


“Batteries had been disposed of in a rubbish bin, which caused a fire in the back of the bin lorry.

“Quick thinking by the crew meant they were able to extinguish the fire safely before it took hold.

“The wrongful disposal of these batteries put the lives of our critical crew at risk and could have damaged a bin lorry that costs £200,000.

“We would like to remind residents of the correct way to dispose of batteries:

🔋 Do not place any batteries in the domestic bins. The compaction equipment can damage them and cause fires within the vehicle.

📻Batteries from electrical equipment such as remote controls, electric toys, and portable radios can be recycled by putting them in a clear bag and placing it on top of your black rubbish bin or bag. Or you can recycle them at local shops and supermarkets.

📱Where the batteries can’t easily be removed (such as laptops, vapes and phones), leave the batteries in the equipment and recycle through the small electrical items collection. Put the items in a bag on place on top of your green recycling bin.

“Batteries and electrical equipment can also be taken to the Portsmouth Household Waste Recycling Centre to be recycled.”

More information about how to recycle batteries and small electrical items can be found here.