Click & Collect through our Collibree smart lockers

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In the increasing competitive retail market, merchants have to keep innovating to stay ahead of their competitors. Many retailers turn to the power of the internet and set up a web shop as more and more people turn to online shopping.

There is just one small issue that remains: how to get your product to the customer? This has especially become perceptible since the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Some merchants offer next day delivery or in store pick up. However choosing to link up with a courier service can be quite expensive and a cause for delays. Furthermore immediate delivery is not guaranteed as your customers are not always at home.

This results in the parcel being sent back, placed in a random non secure place, or being sent back to a post office which has limited opening hours.

Secure, reliable & easy

Our Collibree click & collect lockers are an innovative way to tackle all of the above issues.

Our locker systems provide a fully automated standalone way to exchange goods between you and your customer.

The customer can put in an order through your online web shop, you receive the order and can place the items in the locker. All the actions will be tracked, from when the items are placed inside the locker, until the customer picks them up. Or you work with a third party to deliver your goods at the locker. The customer can choose its pickup time. This method ensures flexibility, service and guarantees pick up at first attempt.

The locker unit is designed to be installed outdoors so the customer will be able to access it 24h/24h 7d/7d. This provides you with an excellent way to extend your store hours and increase revenue whilst at the same time having a cost down. 

Covid-19 proof

On top of all of this the Collibree lockers also ensure you can keep doing business, even in uncertain times like we are currently undergoing with the Covid-19 virus.

Seeing that the lockers can be installed outside there is no need for the customer to interact with any of the store staff. Using a QR code the pick up of the product can be carried out completely contactless.

So don’t hesitate any longer and contact us for some more information or check out our website

Collibree smart locker installation at a van rental agency