Beach lockers in Fuengirola

The Ayuntamiento has installed lockers on four Fuengirola beaches where visitors can store their belongings.

The new modules were presented yesterday by Mayor Ana Mula and the councilman of Beaches, José Sánchez. During the tourist season there is always an increase in the number of thefts on the beaches, so this is making Fuengirola a safer holiday destination for tourists.

The modules are installed on the beaches Fuengirola, Castillo, Los Boliches and Caravajal. Each of the four modules have 50 medium and large sized lockers and also offer the possibility to charge smartphones via USB or regular electrical outlets.

Fuengirola is the first municipality in Andalucia to have this service available on their beaches. The modules are powered by solar panels.

Locker on the beach

Photo: Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola