Mobile Locker installs state of the art locker system in French historic theme park


Puy Du Fou

At this award-winning theme park in Les Epesses, France, history and innovation go hand in
hand. The park takes you back in time and makes you marvel at historic episodes starring
wild Vikings, Richelieu and other great figures from ancient times. Besides offering their
visitors the magic from ancient times, they also offer innovative solutions to take the
customer service to a next level. This is where the revolutionary locker solutions from
Mobile Locker were able to contribute to the improvement of the customer experience.


Tailor made

‘Puy du Fou was the first theme park we provided lockers for, so hence we had to take a
closer look to the specific customer journey here’ says Koen, founder and director of Mobile
Locker. “We increased our user friendliness by offering a symbol flow to open your locker
instead of just selecting a code. This makes it a fun experience for kids even.”

The fixed lockers were installed in April 2019 and offer two locker sizes, ensuring that all
sorts of objects fit inside so the service offers a solution for everyone.
Delphine Herieau, Responsible Reception at Puy du Fou, describes the user friendliness as
the main advantage of the locker system: “We look back on a successful first season
regarding the locker use. The straight forward, easy setup of the user terminal allows visitors
to autonomously complete the entire hiring process, reducing our role in the safe storage of
goods to a minimum”.

Apart from the focus on the visitor’s side of this story, several features were included to
focus on the organization’s side as well.
First of all, the system was designed to be as automated as possible. The user terminal
eliminates man hours and reduces the operational costs. Furthermore, the software allows
the company to have a clear insight in sales, peak hours, and status of lockers. The
monitoring can be done from anywhere, which makes it highly flexible.

The software can not only be used by the park to monitor sales, but also to issue locker
vouchers to third parties.
In the case of Puy du Fou, a free locker is being issued when people purchase at the gift
shop: this way they don’t have to carry their souvenirs all day long.


From new to old

The park takes great pride in being able to immerse the visitor into history and no detail is
being left aside. For that reason, it was of utmost importance that even new technology got
a make-over to fit seamlessly into the environment, as not to burst the ‘old’ bubble.
The park, and of course our lockers, can be admired at CS 70025 – 85590 Les Epesses – France –
or for more info about the park: go to