Brussels Airport Luggage Lockers

Long layovers, excessive luggage, that extra warm yet o so unflattering sweater your grandma forced upon you but that you’d rather not take with you: plenty of reasons why we all wished for a locker at airports before in our lives.

Mobile Locker looked into ways of making life for transit passengers easier by offering safe luggage storage, whilst reducing the workload for the security department to a minimum. They pitched their ideas to Brussels Airport and within several weeks an entire project was tailor-made for the specific needs of the airport. Early 2019 the high-tech lockers were a fact.

Brussels Airport saw many advantages in the proposition: less problems than the actual system, better use of space, and increased customer service thanks to the state-of-the-art software.

A specific flow was created where people can completely autonomously acquire a locker with no interaction of airport staff. After having purchased their locker on the interface, visitors can choose a 6-digit code and a symbol of choice to access their locker.

Furthermore, to reduce maintenance to a minimum, only electronic payments are accepted, avoiding all the hassle that comes with cash payments.

Besides the design on screen, the design on site was of major importance: efficient use of the space was key. The modular design of the lockers gave an answer to this question, allowing the best use of space for any type of environment.

Not one cm too much is used for the organization, yet not one cm is short for the passenger to make sure all the luggage fits in there! Talking about a thin line and a job well done.