Hazmat crew responds after scissor lift catches fire in Belton

BELTON, S.C.  – The Belton Fire Department said multiple crews responded Tuesday after a scissor lift caught fire while charging.

Officials said they responded to Parts Box along Kay Street after a fire alarm went off at around 2:03 p.m.

According to officials, crews arrived at the scene and entered the building, where they extinguished the flames and removed the lift from the building. Officials stated that they believe the fire started due to issues with the lift’s lithium-ion batteries which were charging when the fire began. However, they added that they are still working to determine the official cause.

Officials explained that a Hazmat crew responded to the scene following the fire to help the business owner figure out how to dispose of the batteries properly.

Officials confirmed that no injuries were reported during the incident. Stay with us as we work to learn more.