Mobile Locker installs lockers at Vilnius Airport

Mobile Locker is celebrating! 🎉

We are happy to announce a new addition to the locker installations worldwide: smart lockers @ Lithuanian Airports Vilnius to safely store your belongings. Mobile Locker NV has installed state-of-the-art luggage lockers to provide you with a secure and hassle-free solution for your luggage.

Whether you’re arriving early and want to explore the city without dragging your luggage – or need a safe place to store your bags before your departure, there is a locker for every suitcase. Located strategically within the airport premises, these lockers offer a simple and efficient way to store your items, giving you the freedom to enjoy your time at the airport or explore the beautiful city of Vilnius.

🔒 Our smart lockers are equipped with advanced security features to keep your lugagge safe!

🕒 Easily accessible location at the airport for your convenience – 24/7. Pick up your luggage whenever you want.

💼 S-XXL lockers: From small carry-ons to larger suitcases, we offer lockers of various sizes to fit your backpacks and other lugagge.

💳 User-friendly payment options: Enjoy the ease of payment with a variety of options, including credit cards and mobile payments.

🌐 You can even reserve your locker beforehand to ensure availability. Read more on locker reservations by clicking on the below link.

✈️Safe travels!