These General Terms and Conditions apply to the use of lockers provided by Mobile Locker NV and located in Krakow Airport for the storage of items by the user in the lockers operated by Mobile Locker NV.

All agreements concluded by MOBILE LOCKER NV are exclusively governed by Belgian law. Disputes arising from an agreement to which these terms and conditions apply shall be adjudicated by the competent court, provided that the counterparty is granted a period of one month after Mobile Locker has invoked this provision in writing to choose the competent court according to the law.

2.1. Upon request, the contents of the baggage must be shown. Mobile Locker is authorized to refuse the offered baggage without giving reasons.

2.2. Baggage with a value exceeding 500 euros may not be stored in a single locker. Moreover, no valuables may be offered or stored, including but not limited to jewelry, artworks, money, travel checks/documents, electronic devices including peripherals, etc.

2.3. If, however, valuables or baggage with a value exceeding 500 euros are placed in a locker, the agreement shall be deemed not to cover those valuables, or it shall be deemed to apply only to those goods collectively representing a value of 500 euros. The storage of baggage with a higher value than 500 euros is at the risk of the counterparty.

3.1. The agreements concerning the provision of lockers are concluded as soon as the counterparty has obtained actual possession of a locker in accordance with the prescribed procedure for that locker.

3.2. Deviating agreements with and/or commitments made by Mobile Locker NV staff shall only be binding on MOBILE LOCKER NV if and to the extent that these agreements have been confirmed in writing by MOBILE LOCKER NV.

4.1. If the baggage is stored in a locker provided by MOBILE LOCKER NV, an employee of MOBILE LOCKER NV is authorized to open that locker and inspect its contents, even if the baggage has been entrusted to MOBILE LOCKER NV in a closed suitcase, box, or similar container.

4.2. Baggage deemed dangerous or likely to cause inconvenience by MOBILE LOCKER NV, such as explosives, chemicals, perishable goods, living beings, etc., may be destroyed or removed by MOBILE LOCKER NV at the counterparty’s expense, without the counterparty being able to make any claim in this regard.
5. USE OF THE LOCKER (Exceeding storage or usage period)

5.1. The baggage must be collected during the specified opening hours and before the expiration of the reserved rental period. After the rental period has expired, an hourly surcharge will be applied. The lockers will only be opened once the due fees have been fully paid.

5.2. If Mobile Locker personnel need to be present for a reason not attributable to Mobile Locker, the following rates apply:
• By appointment (next day): € 25
• Urgent and without appointment: € 50

5.3. 48 hours after the rental period has expired, MOBILE LOCKER NV is authorized to store the baggage elsewhere. If a total of 6 weeks have passed without the baggage being collected, the counterparty has relinquished their right to it. MOBILE LOCKER NV is then entitled to sell or destroy this baggage, without the counterparty being able to make any claim in the case of destruction. If the baggage needs to be sent, the rental price, administrative fee of €50 + shipping costs must be settled in advance.

5.3. Interim opening of the locker is not possible. To reuse a locker, payment must be made again. A new, not necessarily the same, locker will then be assigned by the system.


6.1. MOBILE LOCKER NV is only liable for damage to or loss of items in a locker to the extent that such damage or loss is attributable to the malfunctioning of that locker and to the extent that this damage and loss are not covered and compensated by an insurance policy taken out by the counterparty. A locker is deemed to malfunction only if it does not work in accordance with the specifications applicable to the locker. The counterparty must verify before using a locker that it is empty and clean and that all parts of the locker are functioning properly. Upon closing the locker, the user must ensure that the locker door is securely locked.

6.2. If MOBILE LOCKER NV is liable, this liability is at all times limited to an amount of 500.00 € (including VAT) per locker.

6.3. If the counterparty’s baggage causes damage attributable to MOBILE LOCKER NV or to the baggage of third parties, the counterparty must compensate MOBILE LOCKER NV for such damage.

7.1. In the event of damage or loss, the counterparty must immediately inform the designated MOBILE LOCKER NV staff member via help@mobilelocker.eu. In case of suspected theft, a report must also be made immediately to the local police. Furthermore, the counterparty must notify MOBILE LOCKER NV in writing of such damages within 48 hours of their discovery, indicating the circumstances under which the damage occurred and sending a copy of any report made to the police.

7.2. The amount of the damage compensation will be paid by MOBILE LOCKER NV within four weeks after the final determination of our liability and the amount of the damage compensation. If missing goods are found and reclaimed, the counterparty is obliged to take back these goods and repay any previously paid compensation for damages.


For the determination of facts relating to the use of lockers, unless proven otherwise, the data stored or indicated in the registration system for the respective locker are decisive. These data can be requested by the user from Mobile Locker and are kept solely for this purpose.