Lockers for

Tourism and leisure

Lockers for

Tourism and leisure

From beach to ski slope, campsite to water park, wherever people want to enjoy themselves worry-free, lockers can help. Thanks to Mobile Locker, your company can easily capitalize on this without taking on a mountain of extra work. Want to know more? Read all about our lockers for the tourism and leisure sector below.

What are the challenges here?

In their free time, people like to enjoy carefree – that is: safe – leisure. That means they want to be able to store their stuff, charge their smartphone, use wifi, and so on easily. Smart lockers are an obvious solution, but they do bring a lot of extra worries for the operator. Don’t they?



Our lockers for the tourism industry are delivered ready to use with fully autonomous operation – in other words, without intervention from your staff. They are extremely sturdy, require little maintenance and can be easily expanded. Indoors or outdoors, we have lockers for every location. And we can equip them with a wide range of convenient features: a payment terminal, an online reservation system, smartphone chargers, wifi…

This is

The result

Your customers and visitors can easily reserve their lockers (in advance or on-site) and use them themselves, without the need for additional staff. You just need to provide electricity and internet, we take care of the rest. They require little maintenance and are very robust. Something goes wrong anyway? Then you can count on our excellent service24/7. This easy solution means that our lockers offer you an excellent return on investment.

How do we help

The leisure sector



Our mission

With our solutions for the tourism industry, we aim to take all the load off both companies and their end customers and provide a premium service.

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