Fully autonomous

Self-service lockers

Fully autonomous

service lockers

Imagine if your lockers were fully autonomous. With self-service lockers, this is not a distant dream, but a reality. Our lockers operate completely autonomously, including the payment system, for a whole range of different applications. Find out everything you need to know below!

Lockers without staff

At any location

A self-service locker

What is it?

Our self-service lockers operate fully autonomously.For example, do you want to rent out lockers for people to store their belongings?Then they can easily start, end and pay for the rental themselves.And they can also easily report any problem if they need to.

does this solution suit you?

Both our permanent and mobile lockers are capable of fully autonomous operation.That means our self-service lockers can be used anywhere: in public spaces, at festivals, in businesses and much more.Whether you rent out lockers, want to offer click and collect, automate key and asset management…It can all be done without needing any intervention from your staff.

A self-service locker

That’s why you choose it

Because you don’t need to take on staff, the ROI of your self-service lockers rises sharply. And there is a plenty of redundancy built into our system. Something not working properly? Then another component takes over that function. Something needs to be replaced anyway? Then the rest of your system will keep on working without any problems. That way, you won’t miss out on any income.


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