Easy to scale up

Modular lockers

Easy to scale up


Are you looking for a permanent locker solution that you can still scale up easily? Rest assured: we can help you. Our modular lockers can be expanded easily and flexibly. All without taking your services offline! Find out about our modular lockers now.

Without taking your services offline

Flexible expansion

A modular locker

What is it?

Our modular lockers are sturdy permanent lockers that you can expand easily when you need more capacity. That way you can invest in durable lockers now and scale up at your own pace. In addition, our lockers are delivered and installed quickly and are hot-swappable. That means we can add additional lockers without taking your current locker system offline.

Does this solution suit you?

Sending and receiving packages, asset management, safe storage of items, etc. Our modular lockers can do it all! That makes them ideal for high traffic locations in public space, logistics companies and venues such as museums, arenas, clubs, theme parks, etc. In other words, anywhere you might want to put permanent lockers!

A modular locker

That’s why you choose it

Our modular system allows you to build your own locker unit based on your needs and budget. You can vary both the number and size of lockers. Want to expand later? Then you can do so easily, and without taking your current lockers offline. So you don’t lose income. Our modular lockers are plug-and-play and can be used out of the box for a variety of applications.


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