Flexible, durable

Permanent lockers

Flexible, durable


Need lockers that will stay in the same placefor an extended period ? Look no further: our permanent lockers are exactly what you’re looking for! They are extremely durable and offer great flexibility. That makes them suitable for numerous applications and sectors – you can easily expand them, and they are still portable if necessary. What’s not to love?

Lockers for

Indoors and outdoors

A permanent locker

What is it?

Our permanent lockers are robust and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to our patented software, they can be used in a variety of ways: secure storage of items, exchanging materials and goods, first and last mile shipment of packages, etc. The individual lockers are larger than usual and suitable for contents up to 150 kg!

Is this solution

Something for you?

A railway station, airport, monility hub, town square… Our permanent lockers are ideal for all high traffic locations. And they are the perfect solution for all kinds of venue – think clubs, museums, arenas and concert halls, theme parks, etc. But don’t forget logistics either, internal or external. Permanent lockers can be used for asset tracking, for example.

A permanent locker

That’s why you choose it

Mobile Locker’s permanent lockers let you offer visitors and passers-by more security and service. Deploy them for asset tracking? Then your assets stay safe and you can always keep accurate track of them. Lockers can be supplied with built-in payment terminals and operate autonomously. On top of that, they are modular and thus scalable. That makes them an excellent investment with a high ROI.


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