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Giving your customers or visitors the ability to store their belongings safely and securely makes their experience that bit more pleasant. And we have plenty of handy extra features up our sleeve: charging smartphones or e-bike batteries, storing refrigerated products, etc. It’s all possible with our storage lockers!

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Festival or nightclub, train station or town square, hotel or beach… Thanks to Mobile Locker, you can give customers and visitors the opportunity to store their belongings in any location. We have permanent and mobile storage lockers, indoor and outdoor lockers, smart lockers with many additional features…. In short, whatever kind of locker you’re looking for, we have it!


Smart devices are here to stay. But where do your customers and visitors charge them when they are at your beach, restaurant or festival? In a locker, of course! Because Mobile Locker has storage lockers with built-in charging cables and power outlets. But there is more!With our S4FE lockers, employees and visitors to your business can charge their e-bike batteries without the risk of fire!


Want to give your customers the option of picking up their order when it suits them, even outside your opening hours? Then a locker is the ideal solution. We also offer refrigerated lockers. So, as a supermarket, catering business, pharmaceutical company, etc. you can distribute your products safely and hygienically using a locker from Mobile Locker.


Whether you choose a permanent or a mobile locker, all of our storage lockers are made of metal and extremely sturdy. And our smart locks are also super secure. So don’t worry: your customers’ belongings will always be safely stored. Still want to “play it safe”? Our S4FE lockers are made of even thicker metal and minimize the risk from battery fires. They are officially certified to KiWA 21045 – SCP05 standard.

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