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Attendees at festivals and events increasingly expect higher levels of service from organizers. With Mobile Locker’s festival and event lockers, you can easily meet high demands and generate additional revenue. Does it sound good? Discover our lockers for beaches, festivals, and events now.

Small but mighty…


A compact, high-tech smart locker delivered plug & play, featuring up to 102 lockers per unit. With our online management system, you literally keep your hands free for other matters. Download all information about our Baby unit here.

The popular

8 ft. Festival unit

It’s very likely that you’ve already seen one of our smart 8 ft. festival lockers at a festival or event. With 150 lockers per unit, you can provide lockers for a lot of guests. They are ready for use in no time and only require power and internet. Want to know more? Download the brochure here. 

Need more lockers?

10 ft festival unit

The strength of our 10 ft. unit lies in its usability; you don’t need a terminal to reserve and open your locker. This means that at large events, the flow of visitors exiting is smooth, as each visitor can independently open their own locker. They don’t need to stand in line for a terminal. Additionally, our event lockers are robust and low-maintenance. Need more information? Download our brochure here.

Convenience at the beach?

4 ft baby beach unit

Our beach lockers are small locker systems that can be placed at various points on the beach. This way, your beachgoers never have to walk far to get to their belongings. Moreover, they can even charge their smartphone in the locker.. You can download the brochure here.

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We are already the most innovative player in the market. In the coming years, we aim to become the largest player in the EU. With our unique lockers and excellent service, this is definitely achievable.

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