Efficiently manage and control

Asset tracking
and key management

Efficiently manage and control

Asset tracking and key management

Asset tracking helps you manage and control things that important to your business processes efficiently. If something still goes wrong? Then you immediately know who is responsible. Find out how Mobile Locker can help your business or organization with asset tracking and key management here.

Thanks to asset tracking

Avoid high costs

Asset tracking

Railway station, lab, contractor or warehouse: there are plenty of companies that provide their employees with valuable and crucial tools and other assets. But if stuff constantly breaks down or disappears, your business processes stall and your costs rise. Do you want to avoid problems and high costs and do asset tracking the smart way? Then do it with Mobile Locker.

With our smart lockers, you can easily loan items out. Only those who have the code can open a particular locker. You can limit the validity of that code over time. In the interim, the lockers keep your assets safe and the system always knows who picked up or returned what when. In addition, you can set alerts for specific events, such as when items are not returned on time.

Key Management

Key management is a specific application for asset tracking. Thanks to our smart lockers, you always know who picked up or returned which key, and when. This is useful not just for a company or organization’s key plan, but also for hotels and holiday accommodation.

You agree on when your guest will pick up the key, send them a code valid at that time along with the location of the locker. That’s it! That way, you don’t need an employee to be present to give your guests access to their room or home.

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