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The most obvious applications for lockers focus on consumers. But lockers can also make a big difference for B2B companies and the internal operations of businesses. Take a look at the surprising possibilities that smart lockers offer businesses below.

What are

The challenges

Different types of businesses have different challenges. Consider secure exchanges of mission-critical hardware, following strict security rules at a secure site, or charging e-bike batteries while maintaining fire safety.

Mobile Locker has a solution to all these problems and more!

Internal and external


Want to exchange materials or documents with employees, partners or customers? You can do this securely, even outside your business hours using our smart lockers. You can also in stall them outside your building or site. That way external partners don’t need to go through your security procedures just to pick something up. We also offer extra-secure lockers, and we can add additional sensors for detection, or use a touch screen to ask for signatures for receipt.


Storage and charging

Do you get visitors often? If so, it may help to be able to ask them to put bags, backpacks and other items in a locker. This can make your access control much simpler, even for your staff. Visitors and employees can use an S4FE locker not just to store their belongings, but also to charge their e-bike battery in a fire-safe manner. That way, you always can always meet the safety conditions for your fire insurance.

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Our mission

From building materials wholesalers to Seveso companies, there are plenty of companies with challenges that can be met by smart lockers. Companies that invest today will reap the benefits tomorrow.

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