When safety is crucial

S4FE lockers

When safety is crucial



As a company, you get people coming by every day — not just employees but also customers, couriers, the cleaning crew… That involves various risks, including a few you wouldn’t immediately think of! Want to reduce the load on your reception staff, improve the efficiency of your access control and maintain the safety of everyone in your building? Then our S4FE lockers are the solution for you.


Battery fire and theft

S4FE locker

What is that?

People are increasingly moving around using e-bikes and other electric vehicles.When they charge their batteries in your commercial building, it brings an increased risk of fire.In our S4FE lockers, people can safely recharge their batteries.And if a fire breaks out?Then S4FE will contain it for at least 30 minutes.Meanwhile, the fire service is called automatically.

S4FE® lockers have KIWA 21045 – SCP05 certification.The detection and control components are certified to EN54-7 and EN12094-1 standard.Finally, the extinguishing components are K23001 certified.

This configuration created an situation equivalent to a fire resistance for fire penetration and flashover for a minimum 30 minutes for the batteries tested. This is not applicable for smoke resistance.

Extra thick walls and

Secure locks

Our S4FE lockers also have some other features that increase security.For example, the doors and walls of the lockers are extra thick and the lock is extra strong.And a record is kept of who opens which locker and when.So you always know who used which locker last.

A S4FE locker

That’s why you choose it

S4FE lockers allow you to comply with your fire insurance safety regulations.E-bike and similar batteries should not be charged inside your building.S4FE lockers can be placed both indoors and outdoors (without a roof!).

Each individual compartment can charge and safely store a battery for a heavy-duty e-bike or e-scooter.Contact us for technical details!


The only one in the world

A lithium battery that catches fire cannot simply be extinguished with a conventional fire extinguisher.As soon as a lot of batteries are stored and charged together, especially indoors, extra measures need to be taken.Keep your building and your people safe from a fire.Choose S4FE, choose safe.


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