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Our lockers for venues are a win-win for you and your visitors: you increase your ROI and have fewer worries, your visitors can safely store their belongings and pick them up again at their convenience. What more could you want? Read all about our lockers for concert halls, clubs, bars and other venues below!

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The challenges

For pop venues, arenas, clubs, nightclubs, etc. a checkroom often involves high personnel costs and also a lot of hassle. As a result, the ROI is rather low. In addition, a checkroom takes up a lot of space. Yet people expect this service. Is there really no alternative then? Of course it does: the smart lockers for venues from Mobile Locker.



Our smart lockers for venues are very easy to use and have a built-in (cash and cashless) payment system. Plus, it fits more coats, bags and backpacks per square foot than your checkroom. Because our lockers are modular, you can easily add additional lockers as needed. Moreover, they require little maintenance thanks to their ingenious design.

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The result

You no longer need to hire employees: your visitors can operate our lockers for venues perfectly by themselves. The low-maintenance design also keeps your costs down. Based on real-time data, you always get a transparent overview of the occupancy rate and yield of your lockers. Want to be completely sure of your ROI? Then we can install and operate your lockers as a service , and you share in the profits.

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Long queues, frustrated people … a checkroom often brings with it a lot of burdens. Not to mention your costs. A Mobile Locker is the checkroom of the 21e century, with less hassle and higher ROI.

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