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Refrigerated lockers

Reliable and hygienic



You can’t use lockers because your products need to be refrigerated? Mobile Locker’s refrigerated lockers allow you to distribute chilled and frozen products flexibly, securely and reliably. Find out about them now!

Distribute frozen

Products securely

A refrigerated locker

What is that?

What’s in a name?With our refrigerated lockers, you can keep your products safely chilled until your customers come to collect them.We have lockers for both chilled and deep-frozen contents.You can easily set the exact temperature remotely.Self-closing doors ensure that the cold chain is maintained.The lockers are finished in stainless steel or with an anti-microbial coating and have easy-to-clean handles.

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Suit you?

Our refrigerated lockers are ideal for the hospitality industry, supermarkets and other retailers.But don’t forget the pharmaceutical industry either.Our refrigerated lockers cool quickly and then hold a stable temperature with only minor fluctuations.You can also access all data via an API.For example, you can have the system decide to prevent a product from being released if the locker has exceeded a certain temperature.

A refrigerated locker

That’s why you choose it

Mobile Locker’s refrigerated lockers also let you distribute chilled or frozen products without intervention by your staff.This allows you to increase flexibility for your customers without additional staff.The lockers are available with compartments of different sizes and can be customised.Our refrigerated lockers operate using R290 and are better insulated.That makes our refrigerated lockers more efficient, low-energy, highly secure and better for the environment.


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