Combine your own system with our API lockers

API lockers

Combine your own system with our



Our lockers come with our robust and comprehensive software as standard, allowing you to use the lockers for numerous applications, such as rental, first and last mile delivery, click and collectetc. Still have other unique requirements or want our software to communicate with your own software? This can be done via an API. Find out about our API lockers now!

Use your own

Payment, voucher, reservation and management system

An API locker

What is that?

You can link your own software via our API (Application Programming Interface) to our locker software.Very handy if, for example, you want to link your company’s own payment, voucher or reservation system to your lockers.Links can also be made to third-party software.Think for instance of courier companies, who each use their own software, but can all use your lockers via the API.

Does this solution suit you?

API lockers are highly useful for any company that wants to link its lockers to other software or systems.That means the applications are endless, as are the industries that can make handy use of them.Retailers who want to link their webshop to their lockers, a public building that wants to open up its lockers to different courier services, a company that wants to be able to trackmission critical hardware or a delivery from a catering business in a chilled locker on the beach?You name it, you can do it with our API lockers.

An API locker

Why choose it?

As comprehensive as our software may be, sometimes you really need to be able to interface with your own software.Thanks to our API, you can incorporate your lockers into your own system flexibly with limited development costs.That is how you increase the ROI of your lockers without sacrificing ease of use and efficiency.