Mobile Locker expands to Poland, Switzerland and UK -deal or no deal-

The Antwerp-based start-up/scale-up Mobile Locker is expanding with new headquarters in
Switzerland, the UK and Poland. The festival units have been present at Swiss festivals since
July and will be found at Polish and British events from December.

Switzerland: Matterhorn and ML.CH

The Swiss entrepreneur Oliver Mager will be leading Mobile Locker CH. He is taking on the
local festival scene with mobile and fully automated festival units, having provided
thousands of lockers for festival visitors over the past festival season. They had a successful
launch at the scenic Burning Mountain Festival in the Alps, followed by the hip-hop beats of
Openair Frauenfeld (Live Nation). After a promising first festival summer, it is time to cool
down, also for the units: they will swap festival sites for ski slopes and concert halls, to
provide extra safe storage there.

New markets Poland and UK

The opening of other markets with our innovative lockers does not stop at the Alps: Polish
and British festivals can expect that our high-tech lockers will soon appear on their festivals
and campsites, too.
Lee Horton will be the driving force behind Mobile Locker UK, which will go live in
“The UK has an exuberant festival scene and we believe our product has great potential here.
It was always our dream to be able to cater to this market, but we needed a strong local base
to service the UK. Hence, we are very excited to finally introduce our products here thanks to
this new partnership”, says Jef, founder and director of the company.
Poland has always been committed to music, not only in the times of Chopin. Today, major
music festivals take place here (such as Open’er), which attract hundreds of thousands of
visitors. In addition to the established festivals, new boutique festivals are popping up year
after year, making Poland a market of great potential.
Many festivals are still working with outdated storage systems, from manned wardrobes to
coin and key operated lockers: room for improvement, thought young businessman Jakub
Fiwek and that’s how Mobile Locker Poland was born.

International future ahead

The three new partners add to Mobile Locker’s existing international presence consisting of
Hawaiian beaches, Chilean mountains and coast lines in Mallorca. Other future
collaborations such as Italy, Spain and France are still under discussion.

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