For festivals and more

Event lockers

For festivals and more

Event lockers

Visitors to festivals and events expect more and more service from organisers. With the festival and event lockers from Mobile Locker, you can meet the high demands and generate extra income. Sounds good? Find out about our lockers for festivals and events now!

What are here the challenges here?

People expect better and better service when they go to a festival or event.For example, they want to be able to store their belongings safely and charge their smartphones, but also be able to get back to their things at any time.At the same time, event organisers are struggling with staff shortages and rising wages, and want 100% transparency on the return on each investment.



Mobile Locker’s smart festival lockers are ready to use in no time.All they need is power and an internet connection.(If necessary, we provide our own internet over 4G)The lockers can be operated fully autonomously, have a built-in (cash and cashless) payment system and can be set up with an online booking system, a voucher system, chargers for smartphones, etc.

This is

The result

Your visitors can rent and use a locker themselves with ease.And our event lockers are robust and low-maintenance, and we take care of everything:If a problem still manages to pop up?Then you can reach us 24/7 and we will solve it remotely or on site.So your visitors will get excellent service, with no need for you to worry about anything.On top of that, you can easily access information on the use and revenue of your lockers in real time.Lastly, by using reservations, you can better estimate the places where you will need more or less capacity.With that information, you can further improve ROI and user experience.

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Our mission

We are already the most innovative player in the market.Over the coming years, we also want to become the biggest players in the EU.With our unique lockers and excellent service, this is certainly achievable.

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